Gimbap(Korean rice roll) - キンパ

When my family was in Japan, we often had potluck lunch for the event at school.

There were many Korean families at school then.

"Gimbap" was one of the most common dishes Korean mums used to bring, which I loved !

I decided to try making one for the first time.

::: Ingredients :::

■ Dry seaweed - Used Japanese one (as good as Korean one ☺︎)

■ Steamed rice - short grain rice, cooked, mixed with sesame oil, roasted sesame and salt

■ Korean BBQ beef - thinly sliced beef marinated with Korean BBQ sauce and pan-fried (Japanese Yakiniku sauce is good too)

■ Egg omelet - egg mixed with sugar and sesame oil, cooked in Japanese square egg-omelet pan

■ Carrot - thick julienne cut, microwave for 90 sec, mix with sesame oil and salt

■ Spinach - wash, cut in half, microwave for 60 sec, place in cold water, drain, squeeze out excess water, mix with sesame oil, sugar, salt

■ Kimchi - Used pre-made one

It looks just like Japanese sushi roll, but tastes totally different as not using sushi vinegar.

You better like sesame to like this dish, a lot of sesame oil used ... I was supposed to even brush sesame oil on seaweed after rolling, but I didn't as I didn't want to touch oily rolls...

I'll try put Takuan(pickled radish) and Shiso(Japanese basil leaves) next time.

It was very yummy anyway 😊

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