Thermos airpot from Japan 魔法瓶

When I went camping with my friends last month, one mum brought 2.5L Japanese thermos airpot, which was incredibly useful. My husband and I really really wanted it, so I started searching up to find one in Australia. There were many similar ones available, but they were not quite right for us.

I had to import one from Japan after all. ( I didn't check local asian shops, they might have it )

I have used this for about a week, and it' is AMAZING, super efficient. I only used my old kettle twice each day to fill up the airpot. Usually we use kettle countless times everyday, often just reheating same water. I drink a lot of tea every day, so having hot water handy all the time is so nice.

But there is downside,,, it's a bit bulky and somewhat old-fashioned to stay on kitchen bench all the time. Anyway, for anyone visiting Japan, have a look at these airpots in shops 👍

- 2.2L thermos airpot (this was the biggest size with water level window)

- air-pump dispenser operates with push-button

- locks to prevent spills

- 360 Swivel base to pour without lifting the pot

- no need to remove inner plug when filling water

- 95℃ hot water can be kept above 76℃ after 10 hours (can be used for cold)

- 3300yen(app A$45) from Amazon Japan, had to pay a lot to deliver to AUS though...

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