Private Class
2 people $180
3 people $210
4 people $260
5 people $300
add $50 per person if more than 5 people
* Suitable age : 16years ~ (Sushi Class 12years ~)
​All cooking classes run for 2.5 to 3 hours
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Japanese Basic - Sushi Roll

🌸 CLASS 🌸 Japanese Basic - Sushi Roll

Most Popular !

・Knowledge of Japanese ingredients
・How to cook rice, Japanese egg omelet, teriyaki chicken
・How to roll sushi with various fillings
・How to cut and decorate sushi

Making 4 rolls (small, medium, large and inside-out rolls)

* You will be taking home a sushi platter for 3 people, please enjoy it with your family/friends 😊

[ up to 10 people ]


🌸 CLASS 🌸 Gyoza 

Very Popular !

・Gyoza - Japanese pan-fried pork dumpling
・Sui gyoza - Boiled pork and prawn dumpling with spicy sesame sauce
・Daikon salad - Japanese white radish and cucumber salad with soy dressing
・Matcha pudding - Green tea pudding

*After tasting, you are taking home cooked meal for one (or more 😊)

[ up to 6 people ]

Izakaya - Japanese Tapas

🌸 CLASS 🌸 Izakaya - Japanese Tapas 

Izakaya is an informal Japanese gastropub where variety of tasty foods are served along with (alcoholic) drinks

・ Yakitori - Negima (Chicken thigh fillet with Spring Onion, sweet soy sauce)
・ Gyu tataki - Lightly seared beef fillet, sliced and served with juicy dipping sauce.
・ Agedashi tofu - Deep fried tofu in dashi sauce.  
・ Pickled daikon(Japanese white radish) with smoked salmon

*After tasting, you are taking home cooked meal for one (or more 😊)

[ up to 6 people ]

okonomiyaki .jpg

🌸 CLASS 🌸 Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is one of the most famous street food in Japan

・Okonomiyaki - savory Japanese pancake 
・Chicken cucumber salad with soy sesame sauce
・Tonjiru - miso soup with pork and vegetables 

*After tasting, you are taking home cooked meal for one (or more 😊)

[ up to 6 people ]

Karaage HP.jpg

🌸 CLASS 🌸 Karaage

Karaage is everyone's favourate and common dish in Japan, served hot or cold

・Karaage - Japanese style fried chicken
・Gomoku Gohan - Mixed rice, cooked with dashi broth and various ingredients 
・Chawan Mushi - Steamed Japanese savoury egg custard 
・Ingen Gome-ae - Green beans with Japanese grated sesame dressing​ 

*After tasting, you are taking home cooked meal for one (or more 😊)

[ up to 6 people ]

Easy Homemade Ramen

🌸 CLASS 🌸 Homestyle Ramen

Ramen is Japanese noodle soup and perhaps one of the most popular Japanese dishes these days

・Shoyu ramen - soy sauce based 
・Miso ramen *minced pork is used 
・Umami ramen oil  
・Braised pork 
・Marinated eggs and other toppings  

*After cooking and tasting, you will be taking home two serves of ramen noodle, braised pork and marinated egg, you can try make your own ramen at home 😊        [ up to 6 people ]

Private Class

Corporate/Private Class

For special occasion, ideal for corporate team building, birthday etc etc  

⭐︎Private/Corporate classes for 2~6 participants⭐︎

Just choose the class you like and book online.
A bigger group more than 6 participants is also available for "Japanese Basic - Sushi Roll" class, please enquire 😊

Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher

Gift for your friends/family ❤️

Do you have someone in mind who would love to learn Japanese cookery?
Gift vouchers are ideal presents for any occasions


Available for a private class from 2 people($180)
Validity : 3months 
BYO available, offering complimentary decoration for special occasions

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