Japanese Basic - Sushi Roll
・Knowledge of Japanese ingredients
・How to cook rice, Japanese egg omelet, teriyaki chicken
・How to roll sushi with various fillings
・How to cut and decorate sushi

Making 5 rolls (1 small, 2 medium, 1 large and 1 inside-out rolls)

* You will be taking home a sushi platter for 4 people, please enjoy it with your family/friends 😊
・Japanese style fried chicken
・Gomoku Gohan - Mixed rice, cooked with broth and various ingredients
・Chawan Mushi - Steamed Japanese savoury egg custard
・Ingen Gome-ae - Green beans with Japanese grated sesame dressing​

*After tasting, you are taking home cooked meal for one (or more 😊)
Izakaya - Japanese Tapas
Izakaya is a type of informal Japanese gastropub where
variety of tasty foods are served along with (alcoholic) drinks.

・ Yakitori - Negima (Chicken thigh fillet with Spring Onion, sweet soy sauce)
・ Gyu tataki - Lightly seared beef fillet, sliced
and served with a dipping sauce.
・ Agedashi tofu - Deep fried tofu in dashi sauce.
・ Pickled daikon(Japanese white radish) with smoked salmon

*After tasting, you are taking home cooked meal for one (or more 😊)
・Okonomiyaki - savory Japanese pancake
・Chicken cucumber salad with soy sesame sauce
・Tonjiru - miso soup with pork and vegetables

*After tasting, you are taking home cooked meal for one (or more 😊)
・Gyoza - Japanese pan-fried pork dumpling
・Sui gyoza - Boiled pork and prawn dumpling with spicy sesame sauce
・Daikon salad - Japanese white radish and cucumber salad with soy dressing
・Matcha pudding - Green tea pudding

*After tasting, you are taking home cooked meal for one (or more 😊)
Easy Homemade Ramen
Ramen is Japanese noodle soup and perhaps one of the most popular Japanese dishes these days.
・Shoyu ramen - soy sauce based
・Miso ramen *minced pork is used
・Umami ramen oil
・Braised pork
・Marinated eggs and other toppings

After cooking and tasting, you will be taking home two serves of ramen noodle, braised pork and marinated egg, you can try make your own ramen at home 😊
Corporate/Private Class
⭐︎Private/Corporate classes for 2~6 participants⭐︎
Just pick the menu and check if your preferred date/time is available.
A bigger group more than 6 participants is also available for "Japanese Basic - Sushi Roll" class. Please enquire 😊
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​All cooking classes run for 2.5 to 3 hours
Re-Opening information (Updated - 22 June 2020)
In response to new COVID-19 restrictions (Phase 3 in WA),
We are back on business and are taking bookings for both private and scheduled cooking classes ☺︎
For those attending the cooking class 
If you are feeling cold or flu like symptoms including coughing/sneezing, please do not attend the class, you can send someone in your place. 
Minimum age
          Scheduled group classes : 18 years old  
          Private classes : 16 years old  
          < Exception >  'Japanese Basic - sushi roll' class : 12 years old

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