Home-made "Nigori Sake"

I love cooking (and eating...), but I'm not a big fan of making basic ingredients like miso, malted rice, natto etc etc...

However I just happened to learn to make "Nigori Sake" through my friend !

These are what I did (very roughly) ↓↓

3 weeks ago: put rice, water and a bit of cooked rice in a large jar. Mixed it once a day for a week.

2 weeks ago: Emptied the jar, steamed soaked-rice, placed original cooked rice bottom of the jar, mixed steam-cooked rice and malted rice and put it in the jar, added water just to cover the top of the rice. Mixed it once a day for 2 weeks.

*Nigori Sake - unrefined sake

Today: Separated rice and liquid(nigori sake)

Today: Ended up with 2.5L of "Nigori Sake", wondering how long these can last, it took me 3 weeks to make, I should try to keep them at least 3 weeks as well...

Tonight: Enjoyed "Nigori sake" with grilled eel and egg omelette, yum 😆

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