Easy Chinese Buns

I normally make Chinese buns from scratch, but I just wanted to try the pre-mixed pack to see how easy and tasty. I bought this from Asian grocery shop, 650g for app$5 (can't remember...)

The package had flour, sugar, baking powder, dry yeast, shortening and one more ??

My 8yo son knitted the mixure by hand, only needed 230ml warm water, very straightforward.

Bought black sesame paste and chestnut paste as filling. My son didn't like both, he doesn't like red-bean paste, so no wonder...

I made Chinese stir-fried pork/veggies for him as substitute.

I liked black sesame paste (a bit too sweet though), Chestnut paste was just ok, not much flavour.

10 minutes bench time after knitting, then another 40 minutes bench time after wrapping the filling.

(In winter, recommend to do this in oven with a few cup of boiled water to keep warmer temperature )

Steamed high for 10minutes, DONE !!

The cooking instruction is written on the package with picture 😊

Made 20 buns (pork x 8, Black sesame x 6, Chestnut x 6).

The texture of the buns were really good, soft and fluffy, probably better than the ones I usually make from scratch, but I found it too sweet, I would reduce the amount of sugar if I use this product again.

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