Plates and bowls for Asian cooking

I had far too many plates, bowls, cups, glasses etc etc. I got rid of many of them to neaten up my cupboards last year. But I still wanted to have some more plates and bowls for Asian dishes without spending too much $...

I happen to find these at ◯mart last week, and bought them without hesitation as they were sooo reasonably priced 👍 Can't find big enough spaces for them yet, so they are sitting on the table for now (and maybe forever...) 

This stone-like neutral colour would go very well with many Asian dishes, I think 😀

It was all $3 each, even the deep noodle bowl except one large plate 😆

I already have 6 medium and another 6 large ramen bowls.

But I could't resist to get this one, my ramen tasted nicer with a new bowl 😋

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