Ramen at home

I really like noodle dishes, especially Japanese soup noodle, Ramen.

There are so many Ramen restaurants opening in Perth recently, but still none near my place.

So I need to make one by myself to satisfy my craving for Ramen, I usually have it for lunch while my kids are at school...

I use fresh egg noodle from Nippon Food used at many Japanese restaurants, very nice!

My Ramen are not as good(thick) as the one at Ramen restaurants where they spend hours and hours making soup stock, but my ramen are good enough as home-made quick Ramen 😊

These are what I made for myself (and family) during last two weeks↓↓

My kids love Ramen too!

I made 2kg of Char-siu pork using pressure cooker, then steeped boiled eggs in Char-siu sauce.

Dried surface of Char-siu pork with paper-towel before scorching.

The thinner the meat, The better scorching favour 😊

-- Soy flavoured soup & Spicy miso soup--


Prawn dumpling Ramen

Char-sir pork & cabbage Ramen

Mapo tofu Ramen

Scorched Char-sir pork Ramen


Pork dumpling & corn Ramen

Niku Ramen

Char-sir pork & kimchi Ramen

Szechuan pork Ramen

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