O Bento-bako (lunch box)

Last Sunday, I took my oldest daughter to "The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test" in Subiaco, and I had to kill four hours before picking her up. So, I went to many shops with no intention of doing major shopping... One of the shops I went, 'Fuji Mart' was having 3 days "20% off storewide" sale, which of-course attracted me a lot !

I ended up buying six (Makunouchi) obento-bako with lids, which I've been wanting to have, but a bit reluctant to get them before due to it's bulky size and price. It costed about $18 each after all.

I used them for dinner last night, everyone in my family loved it! asked me to use them often,,, Oh well, it looks easy, but I have to fill three empty components with different dishes besides rice and miso soup, kids,,,

*It's called LUNCH box in English, but it can be used anytime of the day.

*Makunouchi bento usually consists of mostly steamed rice along with fish, meat, and vegetables.

[Steamed rice, Gyu tataki (Lightly seared beef fillet), salmon sashimi with white radish, grilled capsicum and asparagus]

This is quite a different look from ordinary 'Makunouchi bento'. I just used ingredients I had in my fridge then lol

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