Kaisen don (Seafood Rice Bowl)

Last night, I felt like Sushi, but couldn't be bothered to make sushi rolls or make individual sushi pieces, so decided to make donburi(Rice-bowl) called "Kaisen don"

I used egg omelet, eel, salmon, tuna, prawn, squid and tobiko as toppings.

Tips for making this dish ↓↓

* make sure to get 'sashimi grade' raw fish

* for frozen ingredients, place them on kitchen paper after cutting as they release water

* boiled prawn should be soaked in sake, light soy sauce and salt for better flavour

* Use sushi rice ( Steamed rice mixed with sushi vinegar)

Used a vacuum-packed teriyaki eel, grilled it in the oven for 6 minutes. We normally sprinkle Japanese pepper called "Sansho" over grilled eel. Sansho has the citrus-like flavour and creates a bit of tingling and numbing sensation after eating, occasionally used for Ramen noodle soup as well.

" Itadakimasu" !!!   ⇦  Japanese say this just before eating.

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