Made cookies...

I had a surgery on my knee last Tuesday, couldn't move much and was getting so bored.

I decided to make some sweets which I might sell at "The Local Creatives Pop Up Stall " Quarry Park in Meadow Springs, Sat 7th April @ 2pm, which is my first stall... I better be well prepared.

(I didn't have an accident, I just had ligament reconstraction surgery to my right knee damaged while skiing and tennis)

Got (almost) everything ready on the bench

Cut cut cut... a bit slow process. My daughter helped me a lot as I couldn't stand too long 😂

Black sesame, Mixed sesame and Maccha(green tea) flavours, and stick shape.

I took black sesame ones from the oven first and they were good, but mixed sesame and maccha weren't quite ready, so wanted to leave them in the (turned off)oven for a few minutes.

Then, my KIND daughter told me "Mum, it's ok, I'll handle this, go sit down, relax", so I did...

A while later, I went to the kitchen and saw the cookies still in the oveeeen! my daughter went out to the garden and totally forgot about it... ended up with dried-out dark cookies, fortunately taste ok, but not sellable quality. I have to make them again 😣

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