Making home-made Onigiri (Rice Ball) like shops

We call Onigiri 'rice ball' in English, but it's actually triangle shape not round ball shape.

We put various filling in onigiris, we use plain steamed rice whilst sushi rice is favoured with vinegar and sugar.

I've got 100 'Onigiri Nori(dry seaweed) wrapping sheets' to make home-made onigiris look like the ones at Japanese shops (photo above).

The main purpose of these sheets are being able to have a crispy dry seaweed in the most efficient way etc etc.

This is my 'Onigiri Nori wrapping sheets' ❤️

Prepared grilled salmon and teriyaki chicken as filling.

The rice ball has to be right amount and size to fit in the sheet nicely, a bit tricky.

I had to use tape to close at the back of the onigiri sheet, that's the one feature missing from this product, not that impressed...

Made 12 onigiris, took me almost 1 hour just to make onigiris... lol

Also, I've made a few mistakes, like tucking in bottom side ends making removing the sheets harder.

Still learning process, aim to make the same amount within 20min ...

My two daughters normally refuse to take onigiri to school, but they happily took some to school this morning, yaaaay 😀

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