Yakitori at home

My family was invited to Yakitori dinner at friend's place last weekend. It was sooooo good !!! and I couldn't resist to try again, so went to Bunnings and bought the same Charcoal BBQ kit which they used then.

It was $59 at Bunnings, Yay !! Perfect size, not too big or small, easy to move around with wheels.

Prepared about 80 skewers, they started cooking without taking a photo of piled up skewers on the plates,,,,  (Chicken thigh with spring onion, Chicken breast with *Mentaiko-mayo topping, Chicken gizzard, Pork lib and Quail eggs) *Mentaiko -spicy cod roe

Can't believe, we ate them ALL. Yes, we DID ‼️ 2 adults + 2 teenagers + 1 six year old...

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