YAM (yama imo?)

I’ve been looking for 'yama-imo 山芋' which is kind of 'Yam (potato)' for a long long time in Perth.

'yama-imo' have very sticky texture when grated and are used for Okonomiyaki, soba noodle, rice topping, sashimi etc etc. Not a daily used vegetable, but common in Japan.

I found odd looking veggie labelled 'Yam Yam'...

looked different from the one I'm after, but bought it anyway just to try.

Very expensive, $17 KG !

I bought only one small piece, costed $4 😣

1 piece of yam, size of a potato, $4....

Peeled and grated.

It didn't have sticky texture after grating at all, a bit watery like grated Japanese radish(daikon).


It was very tasty ! ! It had nice sweet flavour 😋

I'd love to try make new dish using this 'yam yam' if it's a lot cheaper 😓

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